Six Best Places To Dine And Drink in Belgium

In Belgium, half the population is French-speaking (called Walloons), while the other half speaks, and is ethnically, Dutch (called Flemish). This unique cultural mash makes for a rich culinary landscape that borrows ingredients and techniques from both northern Europe and France. So, there are a lot of good food in restaurants and hotels around the country. Ok, so the first things that come to mind when thinking of Belgian cuisine are beer, mussels and French fries. Here are six places to eat and drink incredibly well in Belgium.

1. Vismet, Brussels
The top Belgian establishment in our list is Vismet, a seafood restaurant where everything is made in-house by a classically trained Flemish chef. The specialty of the house is croquettes aux crevettes (shrimp croquettes), made with brown shrimp and béchamel. I know what you’re thinking, but Belgian brown shrimp is a delicious local delicacy. The process of peeling the one-inch shrimp is known to be tedious, and each chef has their own techniques when it comes to peeling the stuff (some even ship the stuff all the way to Morocco, where labor is cheaper). But at Vismet, the chef’s mother peels pounds of shrimp a day. It’s that kind of place.

2. Huis De Colvenier, Antwerp
Huis De Colvenier is located in the heart of the heart of lively Antwerp (also locally known as Antwerpen). The food is delicious, the wine is great, the chef is awesome and the beautiful surroundings add to the aesthetic pleasure which makes it our top choice in restaurant Antwerpen. Popular Belgian delicacies such as asparagus, shrimp, sea food etc. are served at all times of the year. There is also a feestzaal Antwerpen for couples looking to organize their wedding.

3. Mer du Nord | Noordzee, Brussels
More of a fish bar than restaurant, Mer du Nord (or Noordzee in Flemish) is one of those places you could only find in Brussels. Noordzee isn’t even really a restaurant but a fish-seller that happens to sell some of the best seafood snacks in the city. Make your order at the bar (there is a whiteboard that lists the day’s catch), choose a table, wait for the server to call out your name and pick up your plate, laid with some of the freshest fish and seafood in the city and sprinkled with Mer du Nord’s house tartare sauce. The best strategy here is to order several smaller plates and share them around – the prawns are to die for, while the kibbeling – deep-fried slices of Atlantic cod – is a signature delicacy you shouldn’t miss out on.

4. Comme Chez Soi, Brussels

comme chez soi brussels restaurant belgium

Comme Chez Soi is regarded as the best dining venue in the city. It’s hard to disagree – the venue’s sleek, historic interior is a feast for the eyes, its art nouveau curves and mirrors, stained glass panels and ceiling and organic furniture bringing a majestic air to the venue while allowing it to show off its rich heritage. The menu is equally artisanal, with mouth-watering choices such as the gamberi rossi sprinkled with Ishigaki pepper, mint, pine nuts and glasswort, or the wild halibut and Breton lobster with Pondicherry pepper and fennel seeds – both available on Comme Chez Soi’s signature six-course menu. A dinner at this two Michelin-starred restaurant may not be great for the wallet, but it is a cultural experience worth splurging on.

5. L’Agathopède, Namur

L’Agathopède is the restaurant in the Royal Snail Hotel in Namur. L’Agathopède is known, at least in francophone circles, because it is the new home of Chef Carl Gillain, a former Top Chef contestant. Gillain trained under L’Air du Temps master Sang-Hoon and has now struck out on his own. It’s obvious he’s reaching for that shiny Michelin star and I won’t be surprised when he gets it.

6. Caffé al Dente, Brussels
Nestled on a quite road is Caffé al Dente, an Italian restaurant that serves two daily specials (one fish and one meat), a few pastas and a handful of appetizers. You can see all the cooking happen behind the bar, where a hefty Italian nonna (who speaks no English, French or Dutch — just Italian) stirs large pots on a massive antique stove. Her sous-chef is a stocky young man who looks like he arrived from Napoli yesterday. Between the two of them, there’s lots of yelling in Italian, resulting in some of the best Italian food you’ve ever had. The dishes are simple, straightforward and delicious.

Top 5 restaurants in Austin city

Austin is a city of food lovers. Delicious Food and Different Cuisines from all over the world can be found in the city’s restaurants. So, here is our list of top 5 restaurants in Austin city.

1. Uchi/Uchiko

Uchi and Uchiko have been kept in the same position as they look more like a single location rather than two. The owners, suppliers, website and phone number are the same though they lie 4.2 kilometers on the same road. With its modern-day Japanese style and also palate-perplexing recipes, Uchi really feels considerably a lot more Manhattan compared to Austin. This always-packed dining establishment concealed off South Lamar has cook Tyson Cole at the helm. He’s a local guy, yet he learned and trained for several years in sushi dining establishments in Tokyo, New York, as well as in Austin, and also his food selection supplies for an interesting and awesome dining experience.

The staff is respectful, incredibly polite and also consistently all set to offer you with the most delicious Japanese food.

2. Lenoir

Todd Duplechan is among the city’s most skilled cooks. Terrific food preparation, a solid regional identification, a cooking style that combine form and function, a smooth service, affordable prices and great wine makes it a real value for money restaurant. The husband-and-wife group of Todd Duplechan as well as Jessica Maher made this brand-new dining establishment become of the very best in the city within an extremely brief time period.

It’s an area where you’ll likewise locate recipes like goat spam, cut like gyro meat, stimulated by turmeric and also sambal and also offered with a marigold crepe; or rice-paper pasta covered with smoked tomato water. The primarily European wine listing also provides an awesome deal for a dining establishment of this dimension.


3. The Carillon

This dining establishment is located at the end of the enormous AT&T Exec Education and Conference Center on the University of Texas campus. The restaurant has got Josh Watkins at the helm and also give among the most effective food in Austin. Weapons-grade bones stick out from a mustard-crusted Colorado lamb ribs offered with full-flavored cornbread dessert and also Brussels sprouts, as well as veal tenderloin has the low-country tastes of pleasant potato hash as well as mustard environment-friendlies.

The cooking area ends up splendid raw fish meals like the citrusy escolar sashimi and also the long time food selection installation hamachi crudo with the sweet-and-salty eat as well as problem of currants, celery as well as hazelnuts.

4. La Condesa

With a perched bar location, wraparound home windows as well as a huge wall surface accentuated with vibrant graffiti, the dining establishment looks like a high-end storage facility fine art gallery. Indigenous Texan cook Rene Ortiz takes inspiration from Mexico for both La Condesa’s layout (a collection of vibrantly tinted Mexican signboards decorate one wall surface) as well as its food selection: enthusiastic ceviches, tacos, tostadas as well as bigger plates like baked sea scallops with brownish butter yucca puree.

5. Barley Swine

The youthful skilled chef-owner Bryce Gilmore runs this tiny dining establishment specializing in Texas food. Gilmore transformed to Central Texas breeders as well as farmers to create a food selection of recipes like smoked romaine with poached egg as well as ricotta and also a sandwich with porter-braised pork.

Barley Swine’s food selection has actually constantly included about a dozen or so food items, with some day-to-day specials. The food is really budget-friendly and it is one o the best “value for money” dining establishments in the city.